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About Dynamics:

The Dynamics of Powerful Parenting started out as a workbook for clients and parents in the author's psychotherapy practice. Gradually it grew from an attempt to provide an outline of parenting recommendations into a work that focuses on the emotional development of relationships through the process of parenting.

Many who have read Dynamics in the past have remarked that they wished they had read it years earlier, while others have said that it was a hard book to read because it made them realize they could have done so many things differently. Chances are, when you read it, it will affect you similarly, yet in the end you will learn a new way to approach parenting that will be more effective for producing healthier children.

Dynamics is quite different from other books about parenting; it does not focus as much on how to, as it does on what is going on and why. The book looks at parenting from the perspective that the use of anger for gaining control in the parent-child relationship is one of the worst things a parent can do.

Many people who first learn about the essence of the book's material often want to think that the author is advocatng that parents allow children to "get away with murder."  They fear that they will be asked to compromise their beliefs as to who has the last word in exchanges with their children. Nothing could be further from the truth; this book makes it very clear that parents must remain the ultimate authority in the family; it simply teaches how to do this without using severe punishments, anger and/or the threat of physical harm as the way to go about it.